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Prettying Up Your Pool

A pool area is just a pool area without some great landscaping … at least that’s our opinion. Great landscaping can beautify your backyard, turning a basic pool area into your own miniature oasis. From privacy plants and decorative grasses to custom water features, the options are endless when it comes to personalizing your […]

Light It Up!

Lighting ideas to enhance the atmosphere of your pool area 
We may be bias at Shoreline Pools, but a backyard landscape cannot be complete without a swimming pool. Conversely, a pool cannot be complete without complementing landscaping and lighting. If you’re still in the process of designing your dream pool, or a current owner looking to elevate your pool’s aesthetic, considering your lighting […]

Hardscape Ideas

Hardscape Ideas to Enhance Your Pool Area
Your swimming pool will likely be the focal point of your backyard, serving as both a functional place to cool off in the warm weather, as well as a visual element to enhance your yard’s aesthetic. If you’ve already got a pool, why not create a full-scale backyard […]

Think Safety this Summer!

As the song goes, “School’s out for summer…” For pool owners, that means swim time!
A swimming pool imparts another level of responsibility to homeowners, especially to those who have children or entertain regularly.
Here are some helpful tips to ensure that your pool is safe and ready for the warm weather this summer:

Check […]

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