Turn off your pump. If necessary, roll out any waste or backwash hose before cleaning your filter, and shut off any valves on your filter’s waste line as well. Most DE filters have a multi-port which is a large valve with 5 – 6 settings, labeled: “waste,” “filter,” “backwash,” “closed,” “re-Circulate” and “rinse. Move the multi-port handle to the “backwash” setting. Turn on your pump, taking note of the color of water in the sight glass (small plastic or glass jar on the multi-port next to waste line). After 2 – 5 seconds, you should start to see water traveling out of the “waste” hose. After 10 – 15 seconds, you should see cloudy, dirty water.  After approximately 30 – 60 seconds, shut off your pump and move the multi-port handle to “rinse.” Turn your pump on again. If your pool water is generally clean, the water in the sight glass should be clear. If it is green, the waste water will likely be as well. Rinse for 10 – 15 seconds. Next, turn off your pump and repeat the cycle between “backwash” and “rinse” 3 – 7 more times. When your sight glass stays clear on the “backwash” setting, you have gotten most of the used DE powder out of the filter. Turn off your pump, move the multi-port handle back to the “filter” setting and turn it on. Once this is complete, it is necessary to re-charge the filter with DE powder by adding it into your swimming pool’s skimmer, which is located next to the pool. Remove the basket and, for most filters, slowly add 3 – 5 standard coffee can-sized scoops. Note: Make sure your multi-port setting is back to the “filter” setting. Your filter pressure should be lower and the pool’s flow should be increased.