The first sign that your filter is dirty is the pool starts to loose flow (water to and from the filter). The pool water may look milky or cloudy. Determine filter pressure by looking at the pressure gauge (located on the top of most filters).  Good pressure is generally between 8 – 12 psi. If it is higher than that, the filter may need cleaning. General pressure guidelines: 8 – 12 pis is good, 12 – 16 psi is getting dirty, higher than 20 psi indicates that a system likely needs to be cleaned.

In order to clean your filter, you’ll need to determine which kind you have.  There are three main types (if you have a different type, please call us): Diatomaceous Earth (DE), Sand or Cartridge.  Most filters have a sticker visible containing key information. Often, the type of filter, size and make are all listed. See below for examples of each.


DE Filter with Multi Port Valve


Sand Filter with Multi Port Valve


Cartidge Filter