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Shoreline Pools, Inc., and its seasoned staff of pool and spa professionals, offers an array of services. Whether it’s designing and building a new pool, renovating an existing one, major repair or a one-time service call, we’re here to help.

When it comes to designing and building new pools, Shoreline Pools is the right choice. Since opening in 2006, Shoreline Pools has quickly established itself as Cape Cod’s finest pool design and installation firm. We’re also its largest. We have the experience and expertise to create the pool and outdoor space you’ve always wanted. Have limited space? Or a challenging space? That will prove no problem when you work with Shoreline.

We start with a consultation and review of the space where you’d like your pool located. We discuss design options – for the both the pool and the decking area – and we listen. We want to know what you’ve envisioned, how you think you’ll use the space and how often you think you’ll entertain. Once we have a clear vision of what you want, we’ll create and present you with an exact 3D rendering of your pool in your backyard.

And then we’ll build your dream.

Renovations Is your existing pool functional but dated looking? Do you wish the area surrounding your pool offered additional options for entertaining and relaxing? Does your utility bill spike dramatically when you open your pool for the season?
If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, Shoreline Pools can help.

In addition to designing and building new pools, Shoreline also renovates existing pools. If think your old pool looks like it belongs at a roadside motel, let’s talk about reinventing its deck. If you’d love to entertain poolside but just don’t have the amenities, let us add a fire pit or outdoor kitchen. You’ll be amazed by what we can create with even a relatively small space. And if you dread the arrival of June’s electric bill, let’s talk about installing some of today’s energy-efficient equipment.
Shoreline Pools lets you learn to love your pool again.

A pool is an ever-changing environment and keeping all of the elements of one functioning at its peak requires regular maintenance and, occasionally, repairs. Shoreline Pools offers a variety of options designed to help you make certain your pool is always at its best and ensure that you’re able to maximize your pool’s – and the accompanying equipment – life expectancy. Our options range from complete care weekly maintenance programs and winter watch programs, to seasonal closings and openings, and minor or major repairs. We also specialize in saltwater system conversions and repairs and offer full landscape design and installation services.

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At some point, you may suspect that your pool or spa has a leak. A change in the water level can be caused by a variety of things and is not always related to a leak. Heavy usage, a dramatic change in air temperature, turning on the pool’s heating system and human error can all lead to a change in water level. But so can a leak. At Shoreline Pools we have the experience and up-to-the-minute training that allows us to determine whether your pool is leaking, where the leak is and then ultimately fix it.

Have questions? Please review the FAQs on leaks below or contact us with any questions or to schedule a leak search.

I think my pool has a leak, but I’m not sure. How do I confirm it?
If you are losing four or more inches per day, your pool is likely leaking. If you’re not sure, try this simple “bucket test”:

Take a large bucket and a couple of bricks to your pool. Place the bricks in the bottom of the bucket. Place the bucket on the top step of your pool. If you don’t have a step, tie it to your ladder so it is half submerged. Fill the bucket, using the pool water, so that the water level in the bucket is equal to the water level in the pool. (You must use pool water and a 24-hour period without rain. If it rains, start the test over.)
Once the water in the bucket has settled, mark it with tape or a pencil or marker. Check the water level in the bucket after 12 – 24 hours. If the water levels in both the pool and the bucket are within a 1/4 inch of each other, a leak is unlikely. If the water level in the pool is more than 1/4 inch lower than the water in the bucket, a leak is likely.
Is there anything I can do to narrow the leak search process?

Yes. Collecting information is critical to finding leaks and can shorten the time it will take for us to detect and repair one. The first step is to check for obvious leaks. Check the area around the filter for any spots that remain wet all day. If your filtration has a waste line, check the end of it for any leaking water. Your filter runs an average of 8 – 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, so even small drips can add up substantially. If there are no obvious signs of leaking, try shutting off the filtration system for 24 hours and gauge if that causes any less or more water loss. Keep a log with this information, dating each entry. It can greatly assist our team’s effort in finding a leak and expedite the repair process. It also gives us a starting point in determining which other systems need to be checked.

Please contact us for more information about our Winter Watch Program.

When we say ‘no job is too big or too small’ we mean it.

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