Hardscape Ideas

Shoreline Pools hardscape ideas

Hardscape Ideas to Enhance Your Pool Area Your swimming pool will likely be the focal point of your backyard, serving as both a functional place to cool off in the warm weather, as well as a visual element to enhance your yard’s aesthetic. If you’ve already got a pool, why not create a full-scale backyard …

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Springtime Means It’s Almost Pool Time

Shoreline Pools

Swimmers and warm-weather lovers rejoice! You made it through another winter and spring is in full swing, which means summer’s right around the bend. Before you break out that summer bikini or board shorts though, you need to make sure your pool is ready for all those happy swimmers. Here are some tips for making …

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Pool Financing Made Easy

Shoreline Pools financing

Breaking news: We’re excited to now offer swimming pool financing through our new partner, Lightstream! Have you decided it’s time to install a pool or spa — or renovate your existing pool — and enjoy all the outdoor fun that comes with it? When you’re ready, so are we, for any project, big or small. We’ll help …

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A Video is Worth a Thousand Words

Shoreline Pools software

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and if that’s true, a video is worth so many more. With that said, we recently we added a number of design videos to our website. These peeks into our design process not only demonstrate that we build dreams, but also that we’re able to show …

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4 Tips for Winter Pool Safety

Winter pool safety

Let’s face facts – the summer has passed and December has surprised us yet again. While safety is very important during the swimming months, it’s just as vital during the wintertime. Faulty covers and fences, excessive rain or snowfall, and outside playtime can all lead to accidents that are preventable. So how can you keep …

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The Ultimate Pool Contractor Checklist

Shoreline Pools installation on Cape Cod

Sharpen your pencils because it’s time to start checking some important boxes. In one of our previous blog posts, 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Pool Contractor, we talked about the key factors to sidestep when selecting a pool contactor. Now, we want to focus on what to look for when selecting a pool …

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In Hot Water

Spa or hot tub with pool

Pool days are the best days, but then again so are spa days. So what if you could have both? Adding a hot tub or spa area to your pool build might put extra pressure on your wallet, but can be the perfect choice for you and your family. Besides the simple relaxation element of …

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