Swimmers and warm-weather lovers rejoice! You made it through another winter and spring is in full swing, which means summer’s right around the bend. Before you break out that summer bikini or board shorts though, you need to make sure your pool is ready for all those happy swimmers.

Here are some tips for making your pool perfect for parties, kids and some serious lounging.

  1. Remove all debris / water from your winter pool cover and store it away properly. While the excitement of the season might make you want to stuff that cover away quickly, remember: you’ll need it in tip-top shape for the fall and don’t want to spend unnecessary money to replace a damaged item.
  2. Call a professional to get the water ready for all the little fishes and remove any winter plugs and remove / reinstall any seasonal equipment. While you can do this yourself, hiring an expert is not only easier, but smart.
  3. Remember to bring out those extras – pool ladders, diving boards and step rails are all important for fun and safety and often get stowed away for the winter.
  4. Check your gate and any protective equipment that could have been compromised from cold weather. As always, safety first!
  5. Consider some perfect poolside plantings to spruce up your swimming area.
  6. Rummage around in your closet for your bathing suit and flip flops because it’s time to swim!

As always, our expert pool minds are here to help. Contact us if you have any questions or need assistance.