At Shoreline Pools, we design and install more than “just” pools and spas. We create a pool-centric, backyard oasis that will be the centerpiece of family gatherings for decades. We will work with you to custom design a pool that complements your home and yard, and in many cases, we will also assume a broader role.

This can range from overseeing the design and installation of the landscaping, the stonework and the decking surrounding your pool to devising a plan for an immersive backyard entertaining area that can include water features, lighting, and electronics such as a TV and sound system.

If you’re thinking “That sounds too complicated,” fear not, because there’s an app for all of that. Actually, it’s a control system that can be used with iPads, iPhones and Android devices.Hayward OmiLogic

Regardless of the features you choose to enhance your pool and backyard, it’s crucial that you are able to operate them all with ease. And with any pool, there is always a filtration system that requires regular monitoring.

The Hayward OmniLogic backyard automation allows you to control everything from anywhere on virtually any computer and device. And as a Hayward retail partner, Shoreline Pools will install the system as we’re completing your pool, ensuring a seamless integration.

A small box, discretely affixed to a hidden wall, serves as the base of the OmniLogic system. It controls everything, from your pool’s filtration and heating systems to lighting and water features. The user interface is designed to be intuitive, relying on the swipe and tap technology to which we’ve all become accustomed. OmniLogic can also be integrated with select home automation systems.

OmniLogic is designed with add-ons in mind. Should you decide to enhance your backyard with additional features in the future, the existing system is easily adapted. With a USB port, the system is also designed to allow easy updates at no additional cost.

As will be true of your new or renovated pool, OmniLogic will stand the test of time.

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