Designing Your Pool with Your Home in Mind

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You wouldn’t fill a modern home with rustic furniture, nor would you choose sleek, clean lines and a minimalist look for a log cabin. When it comes to designing your swimming pool, you should also be thinking about what best suits your surroundings and complements your house. Just as houses come in all styles, shapes …

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Thinking of Installing a Pool? Start Planning Now

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Installing a new inground pool requires more than breaking ground and filling the space with concrete. Even if you choose to take the quicker route of installing a vinyl pool or a fiberglass one, there remains a significant amount of preparation that must be undertaken if you want to be dipping your toes into the …

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You Can Still Go Big, Even in a Small Space

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If you have a space-challenged backyard, it’s easy to adopt a “What’s the point?” attitude when it comes to adding pool. A small yard must mean you’d be stuck with a tiny pool and virtually no extras, such as a spa or outdoor kitchen, right? Not so! This project in Chatham, which was designed by …

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Let Us Give Your Outdated Pool New Life

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When your kitchen or bathrooms begin to look dated, you don’t usually just rip out all the plumbing, flooring and cabinetry. Likewise, when pools require a facelift, there’s no need to start from scratch. There are many ways in which we can revitalize and upgrade your pool area and surrounding landscape. Whether you decide on …

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Winter Hot Tubbing

Shoreline Pools winter and hot tubs

Sinking into an outdoor spa when the temperature is in single digits and snow is falling can be one of life’s most soothing and relaxing experiences. It warms your body and your soul and makes the frosty weather almost seem romantic. But there is more to making sure you’re getting the most out of your …

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Go Big with a Pool House or Cabana

Pool house or cabana - Shoreline Pools Cape Cod

A pool house or cabana can transform your pool area into a luxurious outdoor living space that is not only ideal for entertaining, but is also a practical complement to your home that can simplify your life. A pool house, complete with a guest suite for summer visitors and a bathroom to accommodate the kids, …

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Controlling Your Pool: There’s an App for That

At Shoreline Pools, we design and install more than “just” pools and spas. We create a pool-centric, backyard oasis that will be the centerpiece of family gatherings for decades. We will work with you to custom design a pool that complements your home and yard, and in many cases, we will also assume a broader …

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