When your kitchen or bathrooms begin to look dated, you don’t usually just rip out all the plumbing, flooring and cabinetry. Likewise, when pools require a facelift, there’s no need to start from scratch. There are many ways in which we can revitalize and upgrade your pool area and surrounding landscape.

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Whether you decide on simple changes like replacing tile or adding decorative elements around the pool, or you embark on major projects such as adding an outdoor kitchen or pool house, Shoreline Pools will serve as your general contractor throughout the process so that you only need to deal with one company. We’ll also guide you through all of the changes, making sure that you won’t face any zoning issues which may come about should you decide to alter the size and scope of your pool or landscape area.

There are a number of options when you’re planning a pool and backyard makeover that will both upgrade and modernize the area. Here are some improvements to consider.

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  • Replace tile along the waterline: Today, there are more tile choices than ever before that come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Not only will your pool’s waterline have a gleaming, polished look, but there will also be less chance of dealing with costly leaks.
  • Change coping: The coping is like a picture frame for your pool. It sits between the pool and the deck. New brick, flagstone, travertine, quartzite or marble will transform a stale area into a dazzling centerpiece.
  • Change the purification: Liquid and powder chlorine are rough on skin, hair and eyes. By switching to a saltwater system, you’ll be swimming in a pure form of chlorine.
  • Boost pump efficiency: Outdated pool pumps drain money. You can cut your energy use in half by installing a new energy-optimizing, multi-speed or variable-speed pump. These pumps operate functions for cleaning, heating and circulating water.
  • Put on a lightshow: With the dazzling LED lighting that is now available, we can create whatever atmosphere you want, day or night, using warm, soothing colors that illuminate the area in a pool of serenity. Depending on your mood, you can design a system that alternates between color-changing bulbs and pulsating disco lights. Even better, today’s LED pool systems are long-lasting and energy efficient.
  • Create a new entertainment area: By adding an outdoor kitchen and seating area that includes a dining table, couches and comfortable lounge chairs, you will instantly turn your pool area into a destination where family and friends will gravitate. For true luxury, consider a wood-fired pizza oven, an outdoor bar and high-end appliances.
  • Add a Pergola: A Pergola will extend your outdoor living area and frame a space for people to gather. It can add privacy around the hot tub and accommodate a flat screen television. You might not ever want to go back indoors.
  • Replace decking: Natural stone pavers, brick or custom stone masonry can make a huge difference and give the entire landscape a fresh appearance.
  • Add plantings: Widen flower beds so they provide balance with the size of the pool. Place planters near the edge of the pool that match the material of the decking. Tropical plants in pots that can transported inside when the season is over can even be used on Cape Cod.
  • Re-plaster the pool interior: Just as carpet and flooring wear out, years of wear and tear can lead to deterioration in your pool plaster. A slip-resistant quartz aggregate finish will instantly give your pool a distinctive look and the color will stay vibrant for a long time. For added luxury, colored pebble is considered the crème de la crème. If you are re-plastering, you could also bring a touch of whimsy to your pool with prefabricated mosaics; maybe a school of fish, a family monogram or some other colorful creature or decorative element.
  • Go high-tech: In today’s world, pool automation is a great and convenient way to go. Using a tabletop remote or a handheld device that is linked to your smartphone or tablet, you can easily adjust lighting, heating, filtration, sound, water features and so much more.