Dive In… Or Don’t?

Diving boards by Shoreline Pools

While it might seem like a simple decision, choosing whether or not to include a diving board in your pool build requires more thought than many homeowners realize. From safety concerns and insurance, to city guidelines, style and maintenance, there are a number of factors to think about. At the start it’s always important to …

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4 Senses for Healthy Swimming

Shoreline Pools on Cape Cod

The pool life is a life well lived in our opinion. But just like your own body, you have to treat your pool with care if you expect it to stay healthy. Whether you perform your own maintenance or hire a caretaker, how do you know if your pool is in tip-top shape? There are …

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Get Schooled on Opening and Closing Your Pool

Opening and closing your Cape Cod pool with Shoreline Pools

Owning an in-ground pool is fun for the entire family. However, it’s also a big responsibility when it comes to maintenance. Opening and closing your pool is an extremely important part of being a pool owner. Like with everything in life, you have to be prepared for the seasonal tasks that need to be performed …

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