The pool life is a life well lived in our opinion. But just like your own body, you have to treat your pool with care if you expect it to stay healthy. Whether you perform your own maintenance or hire a caretaker, how do you know if your pool is in tip-top shape? There are four senses that are important to listen to when you’re doing the doggy paddle.

  1. Sight

Look for water that’s clean, clear and blue. If your pool has the right chemical balance, it shouldn’t be cloudy or green in color. Factors like chlorine, pH, alkalinity, shocking schedules, and algaecide all play an important role in the overall visible health of your pool. If this list alone overwhelms you, call in a professional to handle the maintenance.

  1. Touch

Every time you go for a dip, feel the siding or tiling of your pool. If the surface is smooth and clean, you’re good to go. If it’s slimy or sticky, there might be an algae problem lurking.

  1. Smell

Breathe deep before you dive in. Does the air smell of strong chemicals or funky orders? If yes, you might want to check the chemical levels or call in a professional before taking a dip.

  1. Sound

Perk up your ear for a quick second; you should hear the quiet hum of filtering equipment doing its job. If you don’t, it might indicate that your system isn’t working as it should. If you find your filtration system is ready for a few upgrades, you might want to consider some energy-efficient options.

Like they say, a professional ((not every day)) keeps the pool doctor away. If you’re interested in getting a diagnosis and maintenance plan going for your pool, reach out to one of our experts by calling 508-432-3445 or emailing