Light It Up!

Shoreline Pools pool lighting Cape Cod

Lighting ideas to enhance the atmosphere of your pool area  We may be bias at Shoreline Pools, but a backyard landscape cannot be complete without a swimming pool. Conversely, a pool cannot be complete without complementing landscaping and lighting. If you’re still in the process of designing your dream pool, or a current owner looking to elevate your pool’s aesthetic, considering your lighting …

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Pool Financing Made Easy

Shoreline Pools financing

Breaking news: We’re excited to now offer swimming pool financing through our new partner, Lightstream! Have you decided it’s time to install a pool or spa — or renovate your existing pool — and enjoy all the outdoor fun that comes with it? When you’re ready, so are we, for any project, big or small. We’ll help …

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New Year, New Pool

Shoreline Pools new pool

New Year, new you. But what about New Year, new pool? If you’re considering installing a pool in 2017, there might be some things you’re not prepared for once the work is done. Before you set your bathing suit out for months of splashing and fun, here are some things to consider as a new …

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Dive In… Or Don’t?

Diving boards by Shoreline Pools

While it might seem like a simple decision, choosing whether or not to include a diving board in your pool build requires more thought than many homeowners realize. From safety concerns and insurance, to city guidelines, style and maintenance, there are a number of factors to think about. At the start it’s always important to …

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Waterfall Wonderland

Cape Cod pool waterfalls by Shoreline Pools

The word waterfall usually brings to mind a beautiful outdoor setting with spring water crashing against exposed rocks and nature all around. So what if you could have a slice of this peaceful tranquility right in your backyard? Well, you can. Pool waterfalls are a great way to give your inground pool some extra special …

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What Factors Can Delay My Pool Project?

Shoreline Pools Cape Cod

Once you take the plunge and decide to install an inground pool, you want everything to move along smoothly and on time. However, there are a lot of factors that play into a pool build and sometimes you have to be flexible with the timeline. Especially when unforeseen problems rock the boat. Here are some …

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6 Fun Facts from the Pool

Cape Cod fun pool facts from Shoreline Pools

Once and while we feel like taking a break from the more serious talk and getting a little silly. So this week’s blog post is dedicated to some fun facts about pools as bid summer a fond farewell. Here are some tidbits you might not know. 1: There are more than 10 million swimming pools …

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4 Senses for Healthy Swimming

Shoreline Pools on Cape Cod

The pool life is a life well lived in our opinion. But just like your own body, you have to treat your pool with care if you expect it to stay healthy. Whether you perform your own maintenance or hire a caretaker, how do you know if your pool is in tip-top shape? There are …

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4 Considerations When Installing an Indoor Pool

Cape Cod paver Coping decking

For some, the allure of being able to swim year round is a strong one. Whether it’s for health, mobility or just pure pleasure, on the east coast, swimming 12 months a year means taking your pool indoors. But what are the considerations for an indoor pool? It’s true that this type of job is …

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Some of Our Favorite Projects

Shoreline Pool Cape Cod favorite projects

The beauty of installing an inground pool in today’s world is that you can let your imagination run wild. From unique shapes and intricate tiling, to spa add-ons, fire pits and extravagant entertaining areas, it’s possible to design the backyard oasis of your dreams. Wondering what some of our favorite projects have been? Here are …

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