Ensuring that your pool is safely enclosed is not only a lifesaver – literally – it’s the law, something that is always at the top of our minds with each and every pool we design and build. While we always work with our clients in assessing and installing appropriate safety measures, these measures aren’t necessarily the same for a family with older children as they would be for one with toddlers in the home.

With the summer season on Cape Cod in full swing, when so many of us have out-of-town guests staying with us, we’ve pulled together some ideas on how you can install additional, temporary layers of safety should your visitors include a family with young children.

  • Door & Window Entry Alarms: Tool-free installation and an affordable price tag make these door alarms a must-have. Attach them to any doors that lead from your home to the area surrounding your pool with the included double-sided adhesive tape. Whenever the door is opened, an alarm will sound. Runs on three 1.5V cell phone batteries; also included.
  • Temporary Safety Fencing: While many of our clients opt to keep the area immediately surrounding their pool open by installing the required, permanently-fixed fencing some distance away, when young children are visiting, an added layer of security can be a worthwhile investment. Temporary mesh fencing is a relatively cost-effective option. Some, such as those available on Sears.com, do require drilling small holes. If that isn’t feasible, others, such as this one from Guardian Pool Fence, do not require holes.
  • Rent Items Locally: While many of the items available from Kid & Kaboodle’s rental program are meant for use inside the home, several can be used for increased pool safety. A pressure-mounted gate, which can be installed in doorways leading to the pool area, can be rented for $15 per week; a small, secure play yard is $25 per week. Other choices, such as sand toys and stationary play saucers, are related to fun rather than safety, allowing your visitors to lug one less thing to Cape Cod. How thoughtful!