When you think about it, a pool isn’t just a pool. It is the centerpiece of an outdoor living oasis set in your backyard, and a gathering spot for family and friends. Because we want to ensure that our clients maximize their outdoor experience, we not only design and install swimming pools on Cape Cod, but we also act as the general contractor for each overall project.cape cod swimming pool


Security Fencing with Style

As we mentioned in a recent post, securing your pool with fencing is required by law. While the primary function of fencing is safety, the aesthetic impact shouldn’t be underestimated. The fencing will literally surround your pool. As part of our design process, we’ll make suggestions on fencing that will complement your home’s overall look, as well as offer ideas on products that will have a minimal visual impact, thus preserving a view or fading into the background. Once you’ve made your decision, we’ll contract with skilled fencing professionals to make sure your fencing is perfectly installed.

cape cod swimming pools

A Surround to Fit Your Needs

Typically referred to as a “surround,” this can be either a terrace made with stone or a deck constructed with wood. It surrounds your pool, creating a place for lounging and, quite often, dining. There are many, many options available and we’ll help you choose the right one. We’ll consider the style of your home when recommending materials, and how you anticipate using the area around your pool when deciding on the overall size of your surround. We will then contract with a master carpenter or mason to complete the project.


Landscapingcape cod landscaper

Many of our clients who are having a pool installed at an existing home, rather than during the construction process of a new home, will opt to redesign their landscaping at the same time, which makes perfect sense. We work in tandem with our preferred landscaping professionals, which allows the efficient use of equipment and a more timely completion of the overall project. Our longstanding relationships with area landscapers provides a seamless process and competitive pricing for our clients.


The Extrasfire pit cape cod

Spas and fire pits are the two most frequently requested additions by our clients. As with surrounds, there are tons of choices. Many clients opt to have a spa built directly adjacent to their pool, while some have it set off to one side or close to a rear entry. By asking the right questions, we’ll help you make the right choice. Location is also a consideration with fire pits, as is deciding on the materials, and whether you’d prefer gas-burning or wood-burning. Other extras to consider are lighting, a sound system and TV, even an outdoor kitchen. Each of these add-ons requires professionals – plumber, electrician, stonemason, AV expert – to ensure that they are installed correctly. You can be sure that we will work with only the best.

Because we coordinate all the professionals needed to truly transform your backyard, you’ll always know that Shoreline Pools is your point person for each facet of your project.