Fall is quickly approaching, and with the changing colors of the leaves comes the realization that summer is ending and the time has arrived to think about winterizing your pool. And one of the most important steps when closing your pool for the season is deciding what kind of safety cover to install. Your choice can save you plenty of heartaches and money when next spring rolls around.

For years, homeowners have selected standard mesh or solid covers that had a tendency to gap over the winter, leaving your pool looking like a frog pond when you remove the cover, leaving you with a costly cleanup each spring. With that in mind, the Merlin SmartMesh Pool Safety Cover was created.

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How strong and resilient is the SmartMesh Pool Safety Cover? It even stood up to the challenge of Hurricane Sandy.

First of all, the SmartMesh Pool Safety Cover provides 100 percent shade and UV block, the only safety cover on the market that can make that claim. The exclusive mesh weave design allows the pool water to freely flow through the cover, while completely blocking out the sunlight so you don’t need to worry about the growth of algae when your pool isn’t in use. Without sunlight, you’ll open up your pool next spring to clearer, cleaner water, maintain your pool more efficiently, spend less money on chemicals, and increase the life of your pool.

However, the SmartMesh Pool Safety Cover also allows rain and melting snow to drain through the cover, avoiding unnecessary weight buildup on its top.

Secondly, the SmartMesh Pool Safety Cover provides you with all the advantages of a solid cover and a mesh cover in one. It is about 40 percent lighter than the typical solid covers, making it easy to install and remove from the pool. Even though the material is extremely lightweight, it provides the utmost in protection with the highest rankings for burst resistance, abrasion resistance and tear strength. It also comes backed with a 15-year limited warranty.

Thirdly, the SmartMesh Pool Safety Cover filters debris as small as 40 microns, so it’s like having a second filter covering your pool.

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And finally, it comes in gray, tan, blue and green, so you can easily find a color that matches your surround.

With the innovative and unique SmartMesh Pool Safety Cover, closing your pool has become easy and efficient. And when you remove the cover next year, you won’t be closing your eyes and wringing your hands. Instead, you can begin thinking about taking a swim in the cool, clean water.