In today’s world of modern technology, your entire home can be controlled with the touch of a button or through an app on your smartphone. Home control systems provide remote control access so that homeowners can operate music, climate, lighting or security.

So why not the same convenience when it comes to your backyard entertainment area and swimming pool?

With Hayward’s OmniLogic, all that easy functionality offered by your smart home is available in your backyard with the industry’s most intuitive app that allows you to customize your preferences, minimize maintenance and keep you on the cutting edge of automation technology.

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Similar to Nest, Amazon Echo or Google Home, OmniLogic is an automation system that connects all your pool’s equipment to one central hub via Wi-Fi and a control center. You can then operate all the features through the system’s corresponding mobile app.

With OmniLogic, you can control pumps and heaters wirelessly. You can also control the lighting from your phone, so the mood and atmosphere is set just as you want it when you get home. You can even pre-program lighting shows.

Notice the weather has gotten cooler while you’re at work, but you still want to take a swim when you get home? You can turn up the heat in the pool or turn on the jets in the hot tub. You can also switch on water displays, operate the sound system and adjust the flow rate of chemicals to make certain the water remains in perfect balance.

If you have a saltwater pool, you will especially appreciate the convenience and benefits of automatic chlorination. The Hayward “Sense and Dispense” is the industry leader in chemical pool automation and is designed to work with OmniLogic for increased performance. It works seamlessly with saltwater systems to automatically balance water chemistry. Your smart pool will require less time to monitor, and you’ll save money on pool maintenance.

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It all might sound complex, but it’s easy to operate. Just set your device with familiar names for pool and spa features, as well as other automated features, and you’ve eliminated any guessing games.

OmniLogic features adjustable favorites buttons that allow you to create up to 25 backyard themes so that every member of your family can design the ambience that best suits their personality. Unlimited software upgrades are also available, allowing you to add, for example, a water feature or more landscape lighting with a simple hardware expansion.

It will also greatly reduce maintenance by allowing you to easily set schedules to maximize efficiency for cleaning and filtration.

Controlling your backyard via apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, or through remote control base units, has never been more convenient. OmniLogic can even be integrated with select home automation systems.

So, as you’re turning on the interior lights, controlling the temperature and perhaps even firing up the oven before you arrive home, why not make certain the pool and the backyard is also just as you want it? With an automation system, the options are virtually endless.


All photos via Hayward Pool.