You’ve probably said or heard this at some point in your life: I can’t tell you exactly what I want, but I’ll know it when I see it.

At Shoreline Pools, we’ve certainly heard plenty of clients say that through the years, and it’s always been our mission to visualize their dreams and turn them into reality. In the past, that meant blueprints and drawings. Although they certainly served their purpose, today’s modern technology allows us to provide our clients with far more vivid images of what their pool area and landscaping will look like and how it will relate to their home.

With our 3D video renderings, it’s all there for you to view, down to the last detail, in a panoramic fashion that includes plantings, lighting, fountains, cooking areas, decking, stonework and basically anything and everything that you want. Even better, you’re able to see just how your pool will look in your yard.

How does it work? After extensive conversations with clients, we turn their ideas into sketches and photos, and then we create an interactive 3D video rendering of the entire area that is so life-like you’ll feel as though you can almost touch the water.

In this 3D video, we give you a birds-eye view of the area during daytime, zooming in so that you can see the entire yard from every angle. The video then shows the effect when the sun sets, displaying how the lighting will illuminate the pool and the entertainment space.

This videos begins at the end of the driveway and take you through the entire property from above and at ground level, allowing you to see the pool area from all angles, how the stonework will interact with the yard, the effect of the lighting at night and the overall ambiance that will be created. Instead of a static drawing, you have the opportunity to see your project come to life before work has even started.

No longer will there be any guesswork as to how your future pool will look. Therefore, no unpleasant surprises. That’s because, before construction begins, you’re able to take a virtual tour around your property, gauging the effects of the custom lighting, deciding on different stone and tiles, perhaps electing to add a torch here or a wall and planting there.

We’ll also give you a view from the various rooms inside your home, so you can see what the new backyard will look like from the kitchen, the living room and even the bedrooms.

And if you see something that doesn’t quite match your expectations, you can make adjustments on before construction which ensures the finished project will be just right.

Perhaps you don’t like the view to the fountain from the spa? We’ll change it. Maybe the outdoor kitchen needs to be closer to the fire pit? We’ll change that, too.

In the old days, it was difficult to understand how all these elements would play out based on a drawing or even a designer’s explanation. With our 3D video renderings, it’s all right before your eyes, just as though it’s already been built.

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