So you think your pool or spa has a leak? Don’t freak. There is an easy way to investigate before having to call in the professionals. While a change in water level can indicate a leak, it can also be related to a number of other things such as air temperature, turning on the heating system or simple human error. However, if there is drastic change in water level, it’s smart to quickly diagnose the problem before it gets worse.

If you suspect there might be a leak, try this simple bucket test:

  1. Take a large bucket and a couple of bricks to your pool.
  1. Place the bricks in the bottom of the bucket and put the bucket on the top step of your pool. If you don’t have a step, tie it to your ladder so it is half submerged.
  1. Fill the bucket with pool water so that the water level is equal to the water level in the pool. Keep in mind that you must use pool water and preform the test in a 24-hour period without rain. If it rains, start the test over the following day.
  1. Once the water in the bucket has settled, mark it with tape, a pencil or a marker. Check the water level in the bucket a full 12 to 24 hours later. If the water levels in both the pool and the bucket are within a quarter inch of each other, a leak is unlikely. If the water level in the pool is more than a quarter inch lower than the water in the bucket, a leak is probable.

At Shoreline Pools, we have decades of experience and specialized training that enables us to determine if your pool is leaking, where the leak is located and how to fix it. If you do determine your pool or spa is losing water, it’s time to contact us.