Poolside plantings and gardens can add beauty and charm to your pool area. However, they can also cause quite a headache if some serious thought doesn’t go into selecting the right plants and setup. Mulch and other materials can lead to clogged filters, extra pool maintenance and constant water straining. All this can be avoided though by following a few simple rules and choosing no-fuss plants that still add a lush ambiance to your backyard oasis.

Before selecting any plants, make sure you have an area that is at least six to eight feet away from the edge of the pool. This will help you maintain clean water, while still being able to enjoy the view. Also, avoid deciduous trees (those that shed their leaves annually) and ones with pine needles or cones.

Depending on the look you’re after and the amount of care you are willing to dedicate to your poolside plants, here are a wide array of options.

Little to no maintenance:

  • Agave, aloe and yucca
  • Small palms and cycads
  • Echinocactus and opuntia (species of cacti)

Low leaf litter:

  • Ironwood
  • Cascalote
  • Fruitless Olive
  • Mastic Tree
  • Red Gum Tree
  • Mediterranean Fan Palm

Low-profile bushes

  • Dalea Indian Mallow
  • Buddleia Mountain Laurel
  • Arizona Rosewood
  • Calliandra
  • Turpentine Bush

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