So it’s time to get your feet wet. Not in actual pool water, but with researching the costs that are associated with installing an in-ground pool. For many homeowners, this is the most important part of the decision process. Making sure you fall within budget and understanding all the options available is extremely important. Here are three big influencers when it comes to pool installation costs.

Square Footage

The size of your pool plays a big role in the final expense. According to FIXR, the typical 12 foot by 24 foot rectangular concrete pool will cost around $72 per square foot. Usual extras can raise that cost to about $103 per square foot.


Deciding how simple or how extravagant you want your pool also largely plays into its final cost. Aside from the necessary filters, pumps and ladders that every pool needs, there are a lot of other extras you can enjoy. From fountains and stone patios, to solar heat, ultraviolet lighting and electric covers, the possibilities are endless. Depending on the quality of the basics, costs start roughly around $500 and can run into the thousands. For the more custom options, ask us for a quote.


While pool maintenance isn’t an initial cost when installing a pool, it is important long-term invest to consider. Pools require regular care and your wallet has to be prepared. For chemicals alone, a homeowner can expect to spend about $100 a month. If you plan to hire a pool caretaker, the costs can be much higher.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the calculations, we’re here to help. We can create a detailed cost analysis for everything from A to Z to put your mind at ease and make sure you fall within budget. Call us at 508-432-3445 or email to chat with us about all the various options and your family will be swimming in no time!