Instead of lights, camera, action – how about lights, pool, action? Specialized lighting in your in-ground pool can take an ordinary installation to an extraordinary one. Whatever type or configuration you choose, lighting has the ability to enhance your pool experience by creating a backyard oasis that is unique to your home. If you’re looking for a bit of extra ambiance or to simply set the mood, lighting can make a huge difference.

Halogen, LED or Fiber Optic?

There are three main types of pool lighting to choose from: halogen, LED and fiber optic. All three are a sound choice, but like with anything there are pros and cons of each. Also, remember that pool lighting is one of the more expensive upgrades you will make and that it is also tough to switch so take your time considering the options.

Halogen Lighting

Halogen lights have been a popular choice for a long time, as they are affordable and easy to install. However, their popularity has waned over the years as more efficient options have become available. While halogen lights are comparable when it comes to initial costs, other options such as LED lighting has been said to be up to 80% more energy efficient. Another drawback is that halogen lights are only available in a small variety of colors.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is the most popular choice these days when it comes to brightening up your pool area. They are available in a wide variety of colors and are extremely energy efficient. LED lighting is also a cost effective option (less expensive than fiber optic), easy to install and can light large areas with a single bulb. In addition, they have a decent life span and, depending on the promises of your particular manufacturer, can last anywhere from seven to 15 years. However, it’s important for homeowners to keep in mind that LED lights can be challenging when maintenance is needed since the bulbs require being changed above water.

Fiber Optic Lighting

Fiber optic lighting is the most expensive option of the three, but also the most versatile. Fiber optic lights can be installed anywhere and are extremely easy to maintain when it comes to bulb changes, which takes mere minutes. However, their lifespan is less when compared to LED lighting.

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