Pool slides can make an adventurous and aesthetically fun addition to your backyard swimming hole. The nice thing about this ultimate pool accessory is that it can be installed when your pool is being built or much later in the game. However, before considering this type of add-on, there are three questions that every pool owner should ask themselves before sliding down the slippery slope.

  1. Does my pool have enough room and the adequate water depth for a slide?

Pool slides typically take up a good amount of room. Make sure to work with a professional to ensure the slide’s product specifications work for your backyard area. Considerations such as decking, lawn area, slide placement, and water depth are all factors that will weigh heavily on your overall decision and installing process. Keep in mind that you will need a certain length of concrete for the installation and want the water to be at least 44” to 48” deep where the slide lets out for safety reasons.

  1. How much do I want to spend on a pool slide?

While we all wish money grew on trees, the reality is that budget is usually an important factor for add-on items such as pool slides. Pool slides – the no-frills style that is – typically cost anywhere between $500 and $2500. For more unique and extravagant styles or wrap-arounds, the price goes up from there.

  1. What style pool slides are available?

Compared to a decade ago, pool slides now come in a much wider variety of styles. The white and blue staples of the past still remain, but there are also more interesting shades and configurations to choose from. We work with a number of vendors who are experts at finding the right pool slide for your backyard so call us at 508-432-3445 or email info@shorelinepoolsinc.com to chat about your options.