Making the decision to install a swimming pool is an exciting one, however, it’s a family investment that also involves a number of important considerations. In addition to the type, size and location of the pool, selecting the right pool shape for your new backyard oasis is a vital part of the process.

Before settling on the shape that best suits your home and budget, the first step is hiring a trustworthy pool installation company that can help work out all the logistics. These professionals can assist you with factors such as yard dynamics, square footage, specialty features, customizing options, shape, and so much more. Once you have made that crucial connection, it’s time for fun part – selecting a pool shape that will have you, your family and your friends swimming in style all summer long.

Rectangular Pool: A traditional, classic choice for any backyard. Rectangular pools are an ideal choice for homeowners who enjoy swimming laps or using the water for cardio exercises.

Oval or Round Pool: A soft and simple, yet classic shape for your backyard. Oval or round pools are perfect for families who love water sports and other activities, as this shape easily lends itself to setting up nets, court / field boundaries and slides.

L-shaped Pool: A twist on the traditional rectangular design, the L-shaped pool is ideal if different water depths are desired. The “L” extension is typically used for diving, while the rectangular portion is shallower to accommodate younger swimmers.

Kidney-shaped Pool: Similar to an oval-shaped pool, but with an indentation on one side (yes, just like the internal organ!), the kidney-shaped pool is a popular choice since its design is a good fit for almost any size backyard. This shape also has a soft, natural look that is ideal for add-ons, such as a hot tub or spa, within the “indentation” area.

Geometric Pools: Known for their sharp looks and clean lines, geometric pools are ideal for homeowners with a modern or contemporary style. From squares and rectangles, to triangles and other finely crafted shapes, this type of pool is always an eye-catcher. Extras like vanishing edges, overflows, spillways, and fountains are often common add-ons with this shape.

Free-form Pool: The outlaw of the bunch, the free-form pool knows no rules or bounds. Living up to its name, this shape literally flows through its surroundings to create silhouettes straight from the designer’s wildest dreams. This shape is an option for most properties, but lends itself nicely to backyards with lush greenery or developed landscaping since the pool can literally follow whatever path is necessary for the space available.

In additional to these six, there are many other pool shapes available. Wondering which shape is the picture-perfect choice for your home? Reach out to setup a visit or a time to chat with us.