As many pool owners know, there is a honeymoon phase that typically last for years after installation. In the beginning, your new pool brings together family and friends, is the go-to hangout spot on hot summer days and adds an appeal to your yard that makes neighbors envious. However, as the years pass it’s only natural that this new toy starts to lose its shine and eventually becomes more of a burden than a treasure. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are a number of pool renovations that can transform your outdated swimming area into a modern backyard oasis.

Pool Deck:
Adding a deck around or overlooking your swimming pool can not only transform your backyard, but also create a newfound love for your pool. For those who love to entertain, creating a deck with different areas for activities such as cooking, dining and interacting can make hosting a breeze. If fancy aesthetics are more your style, using more than one material in the deck project, including wood, redbrick and stone can add fresh charm.

Fire Pit:
A fire pit not only adds visual flair to your pool area, but also offers a brand new place for family and friends to come together. Whether roasting marshmallows with the kids or sipping a glass of wine with a loved one by the light of the flames, this renovation is the perfect way to bring life back to your swimming area.

Outdoor Kitchen:
If your favorite pastime is donning an apron while standing in front of the grill searing steaks, an outdoor kitchen should be on the top of your renovation list. From custom grill tops and counters, to islands, storage and seating, you may end up wanting to cook outside all year round; even when the forecast calls for snow.

Greenery and Plant Life:
The simplest way to transform your pool area into a tropical getaway is with greenery and plantings. Trees can create the perfect afternoon shade on a 90 degree day, while bushes and flowers can add much needed privacy and color.

Have you been inspired to renovate your swimming pool or the surrounding area? Let us help. Whether it’s one of the suggestions above or an overhaul idea of your own, our experienced designers are ready to make that dream a reality. Email us today.